Açu Petróleo and Petrogal renew contract for oil transshipment at Açu Port

With operations scheduled until 2023, the contract renovation reinforces operational excellence of the terminal.

Açu Petróleo occupies the three berths of T-OIL simultaneously

Açu Petróleo reaches another milestone: the 3 berths of the Terminal occupied simultaneously.

Petrobras performs 1st transhipment operation at Açu Petróleo terminal

Operation is the first performed by the oil company in a non-owned terminal.

Açu Petróleo at Argus Rio Crude Oil Conference

In the “Market access for Brazilian supply” panel, Açu Petróleo's CEO, Victor Bomfim, talked about oil industry’s challenges and the required investments to deal with the expected production growth.

Açu Petróleo and Petrobras sign oil transshipment contract at Port of Açu

Açu Petróleo signed a two-year contract with Petrobras, which foresees a transshipment of 48 million barrels of oil in the Port of Açu.

Açu Petróleo signs contract with Equinor

Açu Petróleo and Equinor signed a contract to carry out transhipment operations at the company's Petroleum Terminal (T-OIL) at the Port of Açu Complex.

Açu Petróleo employees and partners participate in the release of turtles in Açu

With their feet in the sand, the team helped guide about 20 turtles to the sea for the first dive of a century-old life.