Açu Petróleo's employees and partners participated in the turtle release action

Here at Açu Petróleo, protecting the environment is the…

Açu Petróleo acomplished the 1st operation for Equinor

The first operation is part of the 3-year contract signed with Açu Petróleo last year.

Açu Petróleo promoves SIPATP with its collaborators and partners

The event was held between the 25th and 29th of November and had an intense program.

Açu Petróleo and Prumo’s group companies attent to OTC Brasil 2019

Between 29th and 31st of October, the event is one of the largest oil and gas segment.

Açu Petróleo performs first oil transshipment operation to Repsol

Açu Petróleo and Repsol signed a contract to carry out a single transhipment operation.

Açu Petróleo at Rio Pipeline 2019

Açu Petróleo was represented by Victor Bomfim at the forum on technical regulation of oil terminals.

Development of environmental and social awareness initiatives in the local community

Açu Petróleo develops environmental and social awareness initiatives in the local community.

Açu Petróleo completed the 100th oil transshipment operation

This milestone shows our costumers’ confidence in Açu Petróleo's operations.